Stop the Cover-Up

by Bill

Stop the Cover-Up
Demonstrators outside Metro HQ on Wellington Street

Demonstrators gathered this morning outside Metro’s headquarters on Wellington Street to protest against Metro’s refusal to release the results of consultation carried out between Autumn 2012 and Summer 2013. Initially, Metro said that the results would be published in a few weeks. Then, in response to a request for the information made in October 2013 under the Freedom of Information Act, Metro claimed that the request was unreasonable as it would require 52 man hours to collate the information.

During the course of the demonstration, Metro’s head, Councillor James Lewis came out to speak to the demonstrators and re-stated Metro’s claim that it was unreasonable to require the information to be published, and said once again that it would not be published.

One of the demonstrator’s placards asked “What have you got to hide?” This question will continue to be asked until Metro publish the results of the consultation.

There was an article about the demonstration in the Yorkshire Evening Post. And students from Leeds Metropolitan University interviewed Headingley Green Party candidate Joe Salmon. Dawn Carey Jones was interviewed by Radio Aire.